Individual lessons

The duration of an individual interactive session is 60 minutes. When you book for an individual session, we can discuss any concepts/problems. It is important that I know beforehand what your problem is so that we can utilise the time together optimally.

Lesse is ook beskikbaar in Afrikaans.

To book for a session, click inside the orange circle.

Group session

Group sessions are 90 minutes long and are interactive sessions once a week. No more than 4 learners at a time are accommodated. The sign-up fee of R600 per person is only an advance payment of the first month’s sessions. After that, you’ll pay R600 per month. The system will recover the fee automatically unless you cancel in advance (see our Ts & Cs).

The purpose/aim of the group sessions is to work through the curriculum, especially to discuss and practise the concepts and get all the building blocks in place. The sessions are sequential and homework will be assigned as well. You will get the best results if you regularly attend the sessions.  There are time slots available for grade 7 to 12.

If none of the time slots suits you, please contact me so that we can make a plan.

Lesse is ook beskikbaar in Afrikaans.

If you are a first year student, please book an individual lesson. In case there comes up a need for a group session, you can contact me.

To book for a group session, you can click on the green/blue circle area and follow the instructions