I have always loved doing math, solving problems, as well as applying it. It is my passion to help others who struggle with math and concepts, or those who do not struggle and want to learn more and understand better. Mathematics is so intertwined with our day to day living that you sometimes don’t even recognise it. I believe that anyone can do math, some just need more time to grasp the concepts! Others have missed out on some concepts along the line, so the building blocks are not in place. Unfortunately, we are in a system where there are too many learners in one classroom so that not enough time can be allowed for each individual to succeed on his/her own.

What follows is an incomplete and informal CV of my math experience and qualifications:

1968: Matriculated at Wonderboom High School.

1969 to 1971: Undergraduate studies at University of Pretoria. Subjects: Mathematics I, II & III, Physics I, Applied Mathematics I, Mathematical Statistics I & II as well as Computer Science I & II (up to 3rd year level).

1972-1989: Outside marker (initially Calculus and Linear algebra) at Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at UNISA (to accommodate my small children) and later also Computer Science at Department of Computer Science at UNISA. I’ve worked for twelve years at UNISA and helped with workshops as well as individual teaching either at UNISA or telephonically at home.

1972-1989: Substitute teacher at secondary schools (as well as a three month period at a primary school and also at a special- needs school). Substitute lecturer at CEFT for one year, teaching teachers mathematics. Obtain Higher Education Diploma (Mathematics and Computer science) at UNISA in 1987.

1989-2016: Started a new job at the Department of Mathematics, University of Pretoria and enroll for BSc Honours (Applied Mathematics). Initially I did technical work as well as math tutor sessions and later taught first year math. I achieved my MSc (Mathematics Education ) in 2004.

My teaching involved pure Mathematics, Engineering Mathematics (on first year level) up to 2005 and then Mathematics for the extended program in the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences up to 2007.

2008-2016: Lecturer at Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment teaching the extended program for Engineering (ENGAGE).

2017: Substitute teacher at Loretta Convent High School  for three months. Mathematics Grade 9 to 12.

2018: Part-time substitute lecturer/tutor at Department of Mathematics UP for first semester and at ENGAGE during the second semester teaching mathematics.

Since 1975: Part-time extra mathematics tutoring at home, whenever my schedule allowed it.


Tertiary experience: University of Pretoria26 years -pure mathematics, engineering mathematics, programming and other computer skills.

Tertiary experience: UNISA12 years mathematics and computer science

Secondary school experience:12 years– substitute teaching, part-time and temporary while teaching at UNISA

Extra math at home: part time since 1975


2004: MSc (Mathematics Education)

1992: BSc Honours (Applied mathematics)

1987: HED (Mathematics and Computer Science)

1972: BSc (Mathematics and Computer Science)

My updated CV is available on request.